Test of MssSticks for Air Force Specific Use

MssDraw is the first application that offers an easy way to represent a joint operation picture in the Swiss Armed Forces. The application enables the combination of the various military map layers from the different source systems as well as from the different staffs (combination of operational picture of air- and land forces).

As a prove of concept for the use of the MssStick in the air force we’ve integrated the obstacle map (GIS-Set of power lines, cable cars, lifts,...) into MssDraw. This could be done easily using just a few clicks.

Integration of Map-Service for World Map

This week we've focused on the integration of the online map service openstreetmap.org as an additional map project into MssDraw. This proof of concept demonstrates the simplicity of adding a new or additional map service to the application.

Two different styles of maps are provided while connected to the internet; namely satellite images and street maps. We hope our users will like this new feature as it enables the generation of tactical layers in locations all over the world.

This new feature makes it possible to run the MssStick without the cost of licensing map material.

Improvement of Military Symbol Search

The MSS library in the MssStick includes today over 3'500 symbols and tactical graphics. This can make it difficult to find the correct symbol. Even with the help of the well-structured galleries in the Start-Tab it’s not easy.

The new “Search in MSS Library” function is based on direct user feedback. This new search option should enable the user to find the correct symbol or tactical graphic much easier and faster. The search option will work with the name of the symbol or tactical graphic as well as with the abbreviation in the supported languages.

This function will be part in the next MssStick version.

Integration of Civil Symbols and Graphics

Over the past year we have added the civil symbols and tactical graphics defined in the new regulations 52.002.03 (official release of regulation: 1.3.2012) into the MSS library. User feedback has helped us to identify many more symbols and graphics which we have categorized and added to the MSS library. On the right hand you can find a small selection of these symbols and tactical graphics.

The new symbols will be available in the next version of the MssStick which will be released at the end of May 2012.


Responding to customer demands for better ways to store and handle MssSticks during operational exercises we have created the MssStick-Box which comes in 2 sizes (10 and 20 MssSticks). The boxes are supplied by post. Both come with everything required to work with the MssStick, including a USB connection cable that improves USB port utilization.

MssStick for Touchpad

In the past two weeks we've focused on the touch enabled use of the applications on the MssStick. Firstly this is a proof of concept to demonstrate the capability of gestures and multi touch. Secondly we’ve learned how to optimize the ribbons and fields to achieve an improved GUI for this use case. The next version of MssStick will still be optimized for desktop use. Contact us, if you’re in possession of a windows based tablet and would like to test the touch based version of the MssStick.

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