The format for a light, fast and flexible exchange.


What is MilX?

It’s the common military exchange format. It enables the exchange of military map overlays created with the use of MSS. In addition it is possible to exchange ORBATS including status and material lists with the use of MilX. MilX therefore provides the possibility to exchange all this data with other command and control systems within Armed Forces.

MilX 'the common exchange format'


What is the advantage of MilX?

It provides the light, fast and flexible exchange between different systems. This is especially targeted to
provide an exchange which doesn’t require much data and therefore is possible via a simple radio connection.
Additionally it’s possible to export a MilX-Layer into GoogleEarth. As the following images show:

Military Symbology on GoogleEarth

Military Symbology on GoogleEarth

Military Map Overlay


Who is using MilX?

Today companies as THALES, ELBIT, Airbus, ELCA... have implemented MilX in some of their military systems.

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