Management of Chemistry Data in Nuclear Power Plants.

CIS is an information system for acquisition, analysis and documentation of chemistry data in nuclear power plants. It enables to enter and survey data and visualize it graphically in a chronological sequence with only a few mouse clicks. The system is used in the nuclear power plants Beznau, Mühleberg, Leibstadt, in the national interim storage for nuclear waste (ZWILAG) and in the federal inspectorate for nuclear security (ENSI).

CIS by gs-soft - Data Management
CIS by gs-soft - Graphical Analysis

Flexibility in Design

CIS is configured for every site individually to represent the plant-specific systems and parameters optimally. Furthermore the different sites are able to create their own visualizations of the data in form of lists, forms or diagrams. Values for alarm and maximum acceptable concentration can be assigned to every measurement to check values already during their recording.

Analysis and Reporting

Graphics, statistics and alarm-systems inform at any time about the chemical state of a site. The legally required reports are created in CIS and transmitted monthly to the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). The ENSI on the other hand is able to consolidate the received data of all sites.


The system provides various interfaces to site-information-systems, gamma-spectrometers, noble gas measurement-equipment etc. These interfaces can be conformed easily to new measurement instruments or systems.

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