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MetaBase is an Object-Oriented Development Suite, uniting ERwin® with Delphi. This environment enables the Delphi development platform to access the relational data model in a 100% object-oriented manner. MetaBase supports the development process for all common SQL servers, such as Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 or Sybase. All information stored in the ERwin data model is transferred into the MetaBase metalayer from where it has direct access to Delphi.


MetaBase Key Features

  • Direct data model access during design and run time.
  • Full OO-access to the data model from the Delphi platform.
  • True 2-way-tool: Changes in the Delphi data definitions are automatically reflected in the ERwin data model.
  • Drag and drop entities, relations, attributes, indices and extended attributes to design Delphi forms.
  • Provides Visual Components (VCL's) that are data model aware.
  • High speed codeless development even for complex data models.
  • Generating native Delphi objects (DB-objects) to read / write to / from the data base.
  • Maintenance is simplified and quality guaranteed.

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