The industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery software for the leading ERPs & CRMs


ERP/CRM-interface Safyr® is a meta data management solution that allows business and technical users to analyze SAP, Salesforce, Peoplesoft, Oracle or JDEdwards ERP-systems. Safyr makes it possible for users to understand critical business data without having prior detailed knowledge of the packages. The product reveals the meta data in all detail and makes the navigation of that meta data simple and intuitive. Safyr® is mainly used for the design phase of large data warehouse, GDPR- and PII-projects.


Multi-User Architecture

Safyr Extractor extracts meta data from your ERP installation and stores it in the Safyr repository, implemented in the RDBMS of your choice. By holding the meta data separate from the ERP, Safyr users are able to browse and explore without accessing the package system itself - making exploration faster and removing any additional overhead from the 'live' system.

Identifying Change

Safyr's Model Comparison feature makes it easy to identify differences (in data structures) between two versions of a system - that might be two releases of an ERP or two different installations.

CASE Tool Interfaces

Using Safyr's optional interfaces to CASE tools like ERwin and ORACLE Designer, accurate graphical representations of ERP data structures can easily be created. Entity-Relationship diagrams of these data structures make the complexities of ERP models that much easier to understand.

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