MssStick, MSS and MilX

This product family is the solution for fast, simple and flexible creation and exchange of military map overlays, status reports of units and organization structures in an electronic system.



During our more than twenty years of developing applications for the Swiss Armed Forces we have seen management systems becoming increasingly complex, making it more and more difficult to understand for the users. This is in contrast with the fact that today that less time is available to educate troops on a system.


This motivated us to design a simple and flexible solution with the focus on specific troops in the Swiss Armed Forces, as well as third parties such as police, civil protection, or the media.


What is our solution?

Our solution includes three parts:

The components MssStick, MSS and MilX


The first component, MSS (Military Symbol Service), is responsible for the visualization of military map overlays by using existing national and international standards for symbols and tactical graphics.

The second component, MilX (Military Exchange Service), defines the Exchange. MilX is a very powerful and yet easy format for exchanging information between different command systems.

The third component, MssStick, is the application which can be used if no other system is available or ready for use.


Where can I get more information?

For more information about all of these components, visit this website. If you have any questions regarding MilX, MssStick, MSS, do not hesitate to contact us.


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