Military Symbol as SVG

How can military symbols created on be transferred to an application as Inkscape?

This is very simple! The best way to import a military symbol into Inkscape is by using a vector format. supports SVG or XAML image formats. The following steps are required to transfer a symbol:

Open the ‘Optionen’ Window in
Set Work Mode of the Symbol Library and the Language
Set the Symbol Format Options in

Step 1: Set the Options in
The language should be changed/set to English and the International working mode should be selected. In a second step the format options such as line width, image format, ... shall be defined.

Step 2: Create Military Symbol
The base symbol can be found and selected with the help of the ‘Search’ dialog in the web application. The modifiers and attributes of the military symbol can be defined in the ‘MSS Symbol Editor’. This editor provides the available modifiers and attributes according to the international symbology standards MIL-STD-2525 and APP-6.

Search in Military Symbology Library
Add, Change or Remove Modifiers and Attributes of the Military Symbol
Check Created Military Symbol in the Preview Window

Save Military Symbol as SVG

Step 3: Save Military Symbol as SVG
The generated military symbol can now be stored as SVG. If the picture is not saved in the correct format or the image is too small --> check again the ‘Options’ in the

Step 4: Open and Edit Military Symbol in Inkscape
The image saved as SVG can be opened directly in Inkscape or any graphics program that supports the image format. The individual elements of the tactical graphic can now be edited.

Open and Edit the Military Symbol generated on in Inkscape
Search for Military N-Point Symbol (Tactical Graphic)
Edit Military Symbol and Save as SVG
Open and Edit the N-Point Military Symbol in Inkscape

Hint: Editing Tactical Graphics (N-Point Symbol) such as a phase lines or displacement axis is supported as well.

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