Connect for SAP® - NetWeaver Edition (V4.x)

The current "Connect for SAP (Classic)" is based on the classic RFC SDK. This product line is announced to be at end of "support at ends of march 2016". The upcoming version 4.x of Connect for SAP® called internally “Connect for SAP (NW)” will fully base on the NetWeaver RFC DLL.

Facts for the new Version 4.x

  • The new SAP NetWeaver API is heavily different to the older RFC SDK but the goal is to keep a high compatibility between V3.x and V4.x for the components
  • A limited automatic migration of the applications will be supported (as far as possible).
  • V4.x is based on the standards of SAP NetWeaver and therefore be Unicode only
  • Win32 and win64 will be supported
  • The whole software will be internally fully redesign to use new concepts (e.g generics, intrinsic helpers)
  • The future support of the Embarcadero Tool Chain will be limited to versions under the Embarcadero Maintenance plan. Means XE3 upwards is supported for V4.0.1 (but no older version)
  • After the first shipping of "Connect for SAP V4.x (NW)" we will freeze "Connect for SAP V3.x (classic) as end of life

License Shift/Upgrade

  • Existing “Connect for SAP Classic" customers with a running maintenance contact (due date 1.10.2015) will get access to the new product "Connect for SAP (NW)" without an additional fee.

Release Plan

  • The BETA will start end of Okt 2015
  • Final Release 4.0.1 around 1.12.2015


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