Dynamic creation of documentations using MSS

MSS ExcelControlSheet
MssDocumentor with loaded ExcelControlSheet
MssDocumentor Output Document
MssDocumentor Generates Regulation 52.003

MssDocumentor is our application for the dynamic generation of complete military symbology regulations or standards. It has been developed by the same team that successfully created MIR GEN which is used today by NATO (Military Interoperability Program) to create the symbology mapping definitions.

How does MssDocumentor work?
It starts with a database or an Excel document. This base document contains the structure of the standard and includes the definition of the chapters in the standard as well as the symbol IDs. 

  • In a first step this base definition is loaded into the MssDocumentor. During the import process the data is validated.
  • The rendering options as "line width", "color selection", "symbol representation" etc. are set in a second step. In addition, options as output format and language (English, French, German, Italian) can be set.
  • In the third step it has to be defined how tactical graphics (N-Point Symbols) are represented. It is possible to choose between corridor or non-corridor representation. In addition it is possible to display or hide the reference points used to generate the tactical graphic. 
  • The generation of the document can be started with one click after setting the definitions in step one to three. 

It has never been simpler to generate and maintain symbology regulations then with MssDocumentor. 

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