Controlling Radiation in Nuclear Industry.

The personal dosimetry fulfills the important duty to protect the health of radiation workers. Radiation workers carry dosimeters on them in their job to ensure, that the allowed doses will not exceed. They support in evaluation of the current radiation dose and warn where necessary against radiation sources. These values are analyzed and controlled monthly.

Efficient Managing of Personal Dosimetry

gs-soft developed in behalf of several Swiss nuclear crafts Perdos , a product that provides electronic support and efficient management for all processes of personal dosimetry. The system is used currently in the nuclear crafts of Beznau and Leibstadt as well as in the national interim storage facility for radioactive waste ZWILAG in Würenlingen.

Perdos administrates data in connection with work in radioactive zones. The system regulates entry controls, manages dosimeter data and supports the administrative processes of the personal dosimetry As Perdos receives the current radiation doses continuously, it is able to warn the radiation protection officials immediately if necessary.

Along with the personal dosimetry, Perdos surveys as well the radioactive doses of activities in exposed zones. This enables the operators to optimize work flows by defining and distributing activities after acceptable radiation dosages.


The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI closely cooperates with the individual nuclear plants. In order to protect staff, public and the environment, ENSI monitors compliance with radiological protection requirements and dose limits. The needed analyses and statistics are provided by Perdos.



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