Unexpected crash of application without any message

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6 years 4 months ago #22 by Jan R.
When I press "Connect" in SAPx Explorer ("NetWeaver" - edition) - the application closes and no errors displayed.
Also I'm able to reproduce the problem in my own application that use SAPx (for both platforms: x86, x64).
Could you please help?

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6 years 4 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #30 by
Such a problem could be in case some of the SAP RFC DLLs (in which sapnwrfc.dll relies) can not be found by the Operation System.
Please ensure that all the DLLs from the NetWeaver SDK are installed (including these icuuc*.dll, icuin*.dll, etc).

For more details see " Content of NW RFC SDK ".

Hint: you can easily check which of the RFC DLLs exist on your PC using the " Info Report " created in the Connect for SAP Explorer.
Just create the Report before the connecting and check the section "RFC LIBRARY INFO".

E.g. in case NetWeaver 7420.X.X.X is installed the section should look something like:
sapnwrfc.dll (... Version=7420.X.X.X; Path=C:\Windows\system32\)
icuuc34.dll (Not found)
icuuc50.dll (... Path=C:\Windows\system32\)
icuin34.dll (Not found)
icuin50.dll (... Path=C:\Windows\system32\)
icudt34.dll (Not found)
icudt50.dll (... Path=C:\Windows\system32\)
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6 years 4 months ago #33 by Jan R.
Yes, you are right!
The additional files (icudt50.dll, icuin50.dll, icuuc50.dll) were missing on PC.

The Report looked as:
sapnwrfc.dll (Path=D:\Projects\MySapApp\)
icuuc34.dll (Not found)
icuuc50.dll (Not found)
icuin34.dll (Not found)
icuin50.dll (Not found)
icudt34.dll (Not found)
icudt50.dll (Not found)
libsapucum.dll (Not found)
libicudecnumber.dll (Not found)

But after I placed these DLLs beside the sapnwrfc.dll - all works!
The "Report" looks now similar to yours (excepting that I placed the RFC DLLs in the application directory)

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