Limitations of TSAPxNWClientCompServerTableGS caused by “RFC_READ_TABLE”

  • Paul J.
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3 years 5 months ago #23 by Paul J.
I'm using the component TSAPxNWClientCompServerTableGS for reading fields (BCD, negative integers) from a SAP table.
But the "Server Table" returns strange values for some of the fields.
After debugging of the issue I found out that TSAPxNWClientCompServerTableGS uses the SAP RFC "RFC_READ_TABLE" internally for reading SAP table.
And the strange/incorrect values are actually returned by the "RFC_READ_TABLE".

Could you confirm or refute that the "RFC_READ_TABLE" really has some limitations?
  • Serge Volkov
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3 years 5 months ago #31 by Serge Volkov
Yes, we also observed some restrictions of RFC_READ_TABLE:
- On many systems end users do not have permissions to call this function module.
- It restricts the returned fields to 512 characters.
- It might cut off some digits of BCD fields (e.g. "99.9" -> "*.9"). Perhaps, you have experienced something similar.

In general, we recommend to implement an own ABAP function module that would return all required data without these restrictions.

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